DNA Paternity Test While Pregnant

Are you pregnant and not quite sure who the father of your unborn child is? If knowing that information is important enough for you to not want to wait until the baby is born then you have options. All prenatal dna testing while pregnant is 100% accurate and can even be used for legal purposes if need be. Feel free to call today to speak to a consultant.

Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test

Are you looking for the safest option for DNA testing while pregnant? If so the NEW Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test is the way to go. By using our state of the art process combining the latest technology and proprietary methods of preserving and analyzing the baby’s DNA you can establish paternity before the baby is born. With over 1500 blood collection units nationwide we have a location conveniently located by your home or work.

CVS (Chorionic Villus Sample) Paternity Test

Chorionic villi Sampling is a medical procedure that is performed between the 10th through 13th week of gestation. This is done either transcervically through the vagina or transabdomenally using a long needle through the abdomen. We also have our own network of doctors available. Call to set your appointment or speak to one of our specialist.

Amniocentesis Paternity Test

Amnio (Amniocentesis) is usually performed during the 14th through 24th week of gestation. The procedure involves drawing amniotic fluid from the sacks surrounding and protecting the fetus. For more information call one of our specialists.

29 Signs Of Prenatal

  • Hiding cell phone
  • Unusual Work Meetings
  • Sudden interest in going to the gym to get fit
  • Makes lots of bathroom trips
  • Partner suddenly starts dressing nicer
  • Takes longer to get ready
  • Takes showers immediately after coming home
  • Comes home smelling fresh like Irish Springs
  • Does not have time for you
  • Accuses you of cheating
  • Suddenly has new 'friends'
  • Gut feeling
  • Lies about their whereabouts
  • Makes excuses for missing dates or planned events
  • Doesn’t return your calls or text
  • Makes excuses to "run errands"
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Sudden schedule changes
  • Sporadic late work days (OT)
  • Argues when you try to look at their computer
  • Has computer secured or locked down
  • Increase in mysterious and/or late night phone calls
  • Phone is now on vibrate when it never was before
  • Separates themselves from family time or quality couple time
  • Phone attached to hip (won’t leave the room without it) or has phone on lock down
  • Sex Stops
  • Doesn’t seem interested in you anymore
  • Stops public affection
  • Attempts to justify behaviors or gets defensive when asked 'what are you up to?'