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    29 Signs Of Prenatal

    • Hiding cell phone
    • Unusual Work Meetings
    • Sudden interest in going to the gym to get fit
    • Makes lots of bathroom trips
    • Partner suddenly starts dressing nicer
    • Takes longer to get ready
    • Takes showers immediately after coming home
    • Comes home smelling fresh like Irish Springs
    • Does not have time for you
    • Accuses you of cheating
    • Suddenly has new 'friends'
    • Gut feeling
    • Lies about their whereabouts
    • Makes excuses for missing dates or planned events
    • Doesn’t return your calls or text
    • Makes excuses to "run errands"
    • Lack of intimacy
    • Sudden schedule changes
    • Sporadic late work days (OT)
    • Argues when you try to look at their computer
    • Has computer secured or locked down
    • Increase in mysterious and/or late night phone calls
    • Phone is now on vibrate when it never was before
    • Separates themselves from family time or quality couple time
    • Phone attached to hip (won’t leave the room without it) or has phone on lock down
    • Sex Stops
    • Doesn’t seem interested in you anymore
    • Stops public affection
    • Attempts to justify behaviors or gets defensive when asked 'what are you up to?'
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